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Shark on line

A picture says 1,000 words. In some cases it can launch a book. In 2004 a gigantic mako shark was caught during the annual Yarmouth Shark Scramble. Reporter Carla Allen snapped a shot for the Yarmouth Vanguard but that wasn't the end it. The photo began circulating on the Internet and over the next eight years it swam in and out of thousands of mailboxes with recipients changing the purported location: Australia, South Africa, British Columbia, Washington and elsewhere. Allen sold reprint rights for the image to Prank Patrol, Maxim, Dreamworks and others.

Shark On Line tells the story of the shark that became an urban legend. It includes Jamie Doucette's account of catching the mako, a history of the Yarmouth Shark Scramble and an interview with the owner of a shark fishing company who has tremendous respect for these predators and their role in ocean ecology.

The book also features an interview with the head scientist of the Canadian Shark Research Laboratory, in which he shares some of the findings from the dissections and tagging of hundreds of sharks caught during provincial shark derbies. Gripping accounts of some of the more notable worldwide shark attacks are covered, as well the movement to end the practice of finning.

A large collection of black and white photos from nearly a decade of shark tournament coverage illustrates the book.

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